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There is no greater call we can answer than to be the tool that God uses to unlock a young person's potential.

CSB Ministries provides weekly programs that enable men from your church to guide groups of boys through adventure-packed, action-filled experiences that help grow them closer to God...and equip them to become our leaders of tomorrow.

In fact, for more than 75 years, Christian Service Brigade has existed to help boys and young men discover life in Christ and be mentored in their Christian walk by godly men. Our programs build boys into godly men through...

Exciting format. Adventure, games, projects, exploration, camping, competitions, teamwork and opportunities for leadership help develop godly character.

Solid content. Multiple life experiences, always shared through the lens of Scripture, give young people the framework they need to form a biblical worldview.

Strong relationships. Low man-to-boy ratios allow boys and young men to grow close to their adult leaders and each other, creating opportunities to instill Christian values.

We are delighted that you are interested in CSB and our ministries and look forward to speaking with you in person to see how we might partner together in growing godly men of today and tomorrow.

You are always welcome to contact us directly.

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CSB had a huge impact on my life. The relationships and mentoring from godly men were crucial in my spiritual growth. The achievement-oriented program helped me to develop a self-discipline that continues to influence me today.

Keith Hadigate

Barrie, ON


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