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A Ministry to Fathers and Their Preschool Children

Preschool kids love spending time with their daddies. Tadpoles gives them a great opportunity to do just that - playing games, listening to stories, sharing snacks. Dads help their preschool kids grow spiritually and just have fun with them.

Each month focuses on a theme, and the Tadpoles books provide complete meeting plans, including games and story ideas based on Bible stories. As Christian fathers, Tadpoles dads are trying to:

Tadpoles Distinctives

The Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting is a time of fun and games, projects and memorable Bible stories.


Many churches and regions run weekend camps for Tadpoles and their dads. Dads and kids share cabins, do camp activities together and enjoy time with each other. In addition, camps offer Bible studies and time for the dads to fellowship. Contact our office or your Regional Director to see what camps are available for your area.


If you are interested in finding a Tadpoles program near you, contact our office or the Regional Director for your area from our staff list. If you are interested in getting a Tadpoles program started in your church, click here for FAQ’s, and here for instructions on getting things going.

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And he will turn the hearts of the

fathers to their children,

and the hearts of the children

to their fathers...

Malachi 4:6